Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mommy, You're Going Away?

As I am leaving on Tuesday for a fun-filled 4.5 days with Julie in Minnesota, I thought it might be time to start preparing Ethan a little bit (especially since I've never been gone more than about 36 hours). So this afternoon it went a little like this:

M: "Ethan, on Tuesday Mommy is going to go on a trip to visit Julie."
E: Blank stare
M: "So you are going to be with Daddy while I'm gone."
E: "Yeah!"
M: "And then I'll come back on Saturday."
E: "Mommy, you're going away?"
M: "Yes, on Tuesday, but then I'll come back."
E: "Mommy, don't go away!" followed by a big hug around the neck.

Yeah, we'll see who has a harder time with me getting on the plane. :-)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Potty Training Begins

Ethan's preschool teacher is pretty adamant that she can have him potty trained in 2-6 weeks, despite the fact we've told her we don't think he's really ready. So, we thought we should probably try to get with the program at home to see for ourselves if he's ready for this or not. He's been wearing pull-ups during the day for a while now, because they practiced sitting on the potty in his last classroom as well, but he only occasionally actually went potty in the toilet there.

Last week he started talking about wanting to wear underwear, so we decided to give it a try today, since we were planning on just being at home. We put him in his undies and set the timer for 15 minutes. Each time it went off, we took him to the potty and let him sit there a bit (reading a potty book, singing the ABCs, etc.). This morning he had numerous accidents and didn't potty in the potty once. This afternoon, he didn't have any accidents, but he still didn't potty in the potty.

While Rick and I were eating dinner (and Ethan was playing in the den) he had two accidents in a row (#1 and then #2--oh joy). So, clearly all the attention was making him want to hold it in. We'll go back to pull-ups for daycare tomorrow and I guess we'll just see how he does.

As with every journey, you have to start somewhere, so we've set our feet down on this path. We'll keep plugging along. We're really in no hurry, we just want to do what we can to help, or to find out if we need to put our foot down with the daycare people.

New Sidebars

I've added two new lists to the sidebars at the right. Check them out to see what we're reading at bedtime, and what videos Ethan is currently begging for day and night. :-)