Saturday, January 31, 2009

Oh Goodie, Guns

Well, Ethan proved to me tonight that what people say is true, it doesn't matter if you give a boy a toy gun to play with, he'll make one out of something else eventually.

Tonight it happened. While watching "The Clone Wars" cartoon, which Rick records and Ethan knows as "the spaceship show," Ethan started making shooting noises. Next thing I know, he has grabbed a beaded necklace from one of his play bins and is aiming the end of the cord at me. Leave it to a boy to turn jewelry into a weapon.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Making an Effort

Ethan has started to use the potty with some success at daycare, so we're amping up our efforts at home too. I made him this Potty Progress Chart to help give him some incentive. Each time he uses the potty (at home or at school) he gets to put a gold star on the chart. When he does it 5 times (and later 10 times) he'll get a little treat--a candy cane was his first treat. So far it seems to be helping, he loves getting to come home and put a star on his chart, but he's still reluctant to use the potty at home. But he's making a good effort!

Computer Games

Ethan got a computer-type toy that hooks up to the tv for Christmas. The first time or two, he was really shaky with the mouse and got frustrated with it quickly, but in no time he became an expert. He only needs us to turn it on (because it is too high for him to reach) and he can sign in and play the games all by himself. He really likes the game where you make matches to open the gate, and he loves to use the arrows to move Dora around (getting an extra loud chuckle when he makes her fall in the water, over and over again).

Monday, January 5, 2009


There's no telling what these little guys are paying attention to. Case in point, New Year's Eve, we're on our way to a party, miss the street and have to turn around.

E: "Should we double back?"