Monday, July 28, 2008

"It's Gettin' Hot in Here. . . "

Apparently it was a record day (record matching day anyway). 105 degrees with a heat index of 115. And it's not even August!!!!! People were literally just dropping on the streets. This is not good. Not good at all.

Emergency Room Visit #3

Visit #1: Easter weekend, 2006. Ethan was throwing up in the middle of the night, no fever, no other signs of illness, a slight bump on the head earlier in the evening on the changing table; nurse on the phone advises us to go in and get it checked out. Result: After waiting so long we might as well have just called the dr.'s office in the morning, and a CT Scan, as we were leaving he finally showed signs of a fever and it turned out to be a virus.

Visit #2: Summer 2006 (I don't remember the month, it was either May or July, I think July). We were in Colorado and Ethan was really sick with his respiratory stuff. He was wheezing and had a 103+ temp.; nurse on the phone advises us to go in because of the high fever. Basically, it was just sickness. He got a breathing treatment and some medicine.

Visit #3: Tonight (or last night I guess). Sunday, July 27th. We had just gotten home from the pool. The phone rang (it was Rick) and Ethan ran to the phone. I answered it, Ethan ran the other direction toward the laundry room (in his not-so-good-for-actual-walking pool sandals), tripped, and took a header into the corner of the dryer. I got off the phone with Rick to comfort Ethan. I picked him up, kissed his head and started to walk toward the couch for a cuddle. He said, "I hit the dryer." and then put his hand up to his right temple and, "OH MY GOD!" I kind of half shrieked, half whispered and then put my hand over my mouth trying not to freak him out.

He had a goose egg the size of, well, I don't even know, bigger than a giant jaw breaker, smaller than an actual egg on his right temple, with a bright red streak going across it and bruising already showing. It was also sticking up like almost an inch from his head. EWWW, ICK, GROSS, and just plain OMG!!! I tried to put some ice on it, but that just made him cry harder, I tried to look at his eyes, and he said, "DON'T LOOK AT IT!" So, I just held him for a bit. I decided to call the pediatrician's answering service, to have them remind me what to be on the lookout for. I could hardly talk to the person for all the screaming. At this point Ethan was being very indecisive--he wanted ice, he didn't want ice, he wanted milk, he didn't want milk, etc. etc. I couldn't get it right. While we were waiting for the real nurse to call back, Rick got home and had pretty much the same initial reaction that I had.

The nurse called back and we went over all the details. He seemed like he could walk okay and move all his limbs, and his speach was okay, and his pupils appeared the same size. Of course, it was hard to tell, because in the middle of me talking and him crying, Ethan started to fall asleep (not surprising since he skipped his nap today). The creepy, eyes rolling around in his head sleep. The nurse said that was okay. She asked if his eyes were crossed. It did seem to me that his right eye (the side he hit) was kind of rolling in a little, something just didn't look right. So, based on that, she advised that we have him checked out at Cooks.

So, we gathered stuff together: snacks, pajamas, extra diapers, the portable DVD player. And off we went. Ethan fell asleep in the car, but woke up when we arrived. He was crying and saying, "I want to go back!" (I think he meant back to the car.) We got taken back pretty quickly and got Ethan in a gown and relatively settled watching Charlie Brown (he had some occasional outbursts, but was mostly okay). The doctor came to look at him (he liked watching her "flashlight") and said she was pretty sure his brain was okay, but they were going to take x-rays of his head to make sure his skull was too.

We waited over an hour before a nurse came and said that x-ray had been busy with a trauma and they hadn't forgotten us. We thought that probably meant we'd be waiting quite a bit longer, but they actually came for us just a few minutes later (which was good, because the battery on the portable DVD had worn out a while before. Rick had been entertaining Ethan by jumping to whichever colored square tile Ethan called out.). Ethan was really good getting his "pictures" as the nurses called them. He was very still and looked where he was supposed to look and didn't cry. He got lots of stickers.

The x-rays were clear, so we got to come home. It was only just over 2 hours, which for an ER trip, isn't half bad. He's got a big bump, and the blood may spread down around his eye and give him a shiner, but he's going to be okay. He came home, ate a hot dog, watched a video and went to bed, so all's well that ends well, and we're grateful for that.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Ethan

Ethan (running into my arms all wet from the bath): "I love you!"
Mommy: "I love you too"
Ethan: "There's my Ethan. That's what Mommy says."
Mommy: "Yes, there's my Ethan."

Lots of hugs.

If Only We'd Had the Camera

The Scene: DSW Shoe Warehouse, Saturday, July 19th, 2008 with Grammie and Sir. Sir is looking for tennies. Grammie and Ethan and I are just wandering around.

Ethan had been wanting to pick up almost every red shoe in the place. Then the ultimate opportunity presented itself.

Grammie calls us over to see something. She has strapped on these deep red, stilleto heels. They are actually pretty cute. Ethan is intriqued. I try them on too. They are very sexy and I do my best Project Runway walk up and down the aisle. Ethan keeps telling me to "Try again." He is now more than intrigued.

As soon as I get them off he has taken off his shoes and wants to put on the red stilletos. In his white socks, we help him stand up. And sure enough, he can shuffle along just as well as we could.

So he walks up and down in them too (we got a nice roll of the eyes from a man passing by and one salesgirl lingered around--giving me the impression I shouldn't be letting my 2-year-old walk around in shoes we weren't buying).

I really wish I had a picture, because Grammie and I were giggling really hard and Ethan was just so excited about the red shoes. It was a complete riot.


This morning, after Grammie and Sir left to head back to Colorado, Ethan and I thought it would be fun to go to the park before it got too hot (ha ha ha, it was already plenty hot). So, we took off for Trinity park. They have a big playground and we hadn't been there before.

First, we went by the Miniature Railroad station near the zoo--for a while now I've been wanting to take Ethan to ride the train from the zoo area over to Trinity park, get off and play and then ride back. Well, they don't open until 11:00, so we just drove on over to the park. Ethan was having fun when I realized it was really hot, and getting on towards 10:00 a.m. and I didn't sunscreen him.

So, we hopped back in the car, found a 7-11, got Ethan his first Slurpee (which he hated--me too actually, don't try Cherry Limeade Slurpees), and went back to the playground. Successfully sunscreened, Ethan was having a great time. Something was kind of buzzing around me, I thought it was a fly, and I just batted it away as I followed Ethan around the equipment. After about the third time I tried to get away from the "fly" I felt something fuzzy under my arm and then pain like I have only known one other time in my life. I must have been looking pretty crazy because the one other parent at the park, a dad, said, "Are you okay?" I told him I had just been stung, and he asked (almost panicked) "you're not allergic are you?" I didn't think so. By this point I have looked at the spot and can see the stinger in there. I pulled it out, while nearly fainting and tried to compose myself. It got pretty swollen, but was obviously gonna be okay.

I went over to help Ethan climb on something when my right foot started to sort of itch and then--OWWWW! I look down and fire ants are swarming all over my right foot. I lift Ethan off the ladder (he wasn't happy) and begin swatting at all the ants on my foot/leg.

I mean, SERIOUSLY? A bee and fire ants in a span of about 10 minutes? Luckily, I think I only have 4 or 5 fire ant bites on my foot. But the bee sting really hurts still. I better find some ice.

Ethan had a good time at least, no fire ants or bees for him and we did ride the train at the end of the morning. He's off to dreamland and I'm going to join him, because this was enough for me. (And I didn't even mention that he got up at 5:45 today!)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Little Man

While at the grocery store today with Grammie, Ethan saw some red roses and said, "Get those Grammie! Get those." He wanted to give them to Mommy and was so proud to show them to me when I got home. So, there are red roses on my kitchen table now. :-) That's my little man! So sweet!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fun with the Boys

Yesterday afternoon I took some time away from my boys to have lunch with some girlfriends and see the Sex and the City movie. We had a great time, but as I was looking for the 4th of July pictures on the camera, I discovered these shots. . . . Looks like the boys were having a pretty good time home alone as well!

Happy 4th of July!

To celebrate the 4th we attended a neighborhood parade (Ethan loved collecting the candy and beads), played at the mall playground, rode the carousel, grilled burgers and hot dogs, and then, after bath, we trekked it up to the upper deck of Amon Carter Stadium to watch some fireworks. We had watched some on tv earlier, and Ethan was excited. We could see some very far away and he enjoyed pointing them out. However, then the show from the Colonial Country Club started--which is very nearby, and Ethan got to hear the fireworks and not just see them. See for yourself:

Ethan before fireworks:

Ethan after fireworks:

So, the noise was not for him. He just muttered "I want to go home" into my chest and wouldn't look up. Once we got in the car and the sound was more muffled he liked them better, but still wanted to go home. Guess we'll give that another year or two. This probably doesn't bode well for the Frog Horn at football games this year. :-(

Thursday, July 3, 2008

We Pause, For a Word from our Sponsor

Ethan knows that we can pause a video. We pause it to go refill our milk; we pause it when he's being rowdy while trying to get dressed or if he isn't paying attention to something we are talking to him about; we pause it to get breakfast or to find Blue Dog. He is very familiar with pausing.

Lately, he has decided we can pause other things as well. Like books. When we read "10 Apples Up on Top" and we get to the page where the lion, the tiger and the dog all have 7 apples "up on top" he now says, "Let's pause the book." So we put the book to the side and Ethan counts to 10. Once in English, once in Spanish. He doesn't always count when we pause things, but when he "Pauses" this book, this is the routine.

What will he think of next?