Sunday, February 22, 2009

Adding to the family

Well, most of you who read this blog probably already know this, but we're adding to our family! A baby is on the way in September (Sept. 25th is the due date). I haven't been feeling too hot, which has kept me from blogging about this, and other little happenings around here. I'm 9.5 weeks along as of right now, and things are going as they should. We had a sonogram at 8 weeks, and here's the picture of the little peanut:

We also recorded a video of Ethan sharing the news to send out to family and friends. We might have a little newscaster on our hands!

Obviously, this means I will need to change the title of this blog as well as my posting name. I'm open to suggestions!

Gender Recognition

In the car on the way home from church today:

E: "Mommy, you're a girl."
M: "Yes, I'm a girl."
E: "And Daddy is a boy."
M: "Yes, Daddy is a boy."
D: "What are you, Ethan?"
E: "I'm a boy." "And girls are ladies."
M&D: "Yes, that's right. Girls are ladies." (giggling)

Mr. Social

Today in church, our Sunday School class (a class for parents of Toddlers/Pre-schoolers) was getting a special blessing, so most of us were there, with kids in tow, when a lot of them usually go to the nursery. This made for a pretty active back quarter. Ethan was happy to see all his little friends around, but he's one of the older ones, so is a little more used to sitting through church than some of the others. At one point, Connor, a little boy who was sitting down the row from us, was eager to show Ethan his train, but wouldn't get quite close enough for Ethan to reach it. Ethan wasn't interested in the train though. Instead, he just wanted to introduce himself and kept saying:

"Hi, I'm Ethan Waters." over and over and over again.