Monday, February 21, 2011

It's Stock Show Time

With Lucy really loving animals, and the ice and snow FINALLY melting away, I set out to take the kids to the Fort Worth Stock Show on its last open day. We went to the FFA Barn and saw pigs, goats, chickens, etc. and then went on to the petting zoo near the midway to get up close with more goats, bunnies, and even llamas. Ethan didn't want to come in at first--he's not that keen on animals. But then he saw the llamas in a pen, and decided it would be okay. Lucy didn't pet anything, but was completely unphased by goats coming right up to her. She just smiled.

One great perk to our admission to the stock show was free entry to the science museum, so we spent quite a bit of time in there, playing and exploring. Both kids found tons of fun things to get involved in. We probably need to renew our family membership.

Snow Days

So, in what is starting to be a bit of a trend here in Texas, we had some snow again this February. It really started out with a good layer of ice and freezing rain, then it stayed way below freezing for several days and then we got a few inches of snow on top. FUN! It kept most things closed for 4 days (not my office, luckily I could work from home), and parents everywhere were dying to get out of the house by the end of it. The rolling blackouts never hit us, so at least we didn't have to turn off the seemingly endless flow of videos. :-) Here is some video of Ethan and Lucy playing in the snow. Neither has boots, so I imagine their feet were cold, but no one complained, and they had a great time. It was a really dry snow, so no snowball fights or snowmen, but there was still fun to be had.

And some pictures!

Friday, February 18, 2011


Lucy has been a good eater since she started eating table food. But I finally caught some of it on video. She was really loving these leftovers.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Best Big Brother EVER

After his basketball game on Saturday, Ethan, without any discussion or urging or anything, took Lucy's hand and guided her through the crowd in the gym and then outside all the way to the car. It was SUPER precious. Lucy, of course, totally loved it.