Saturday, May 1, 2010

7 Months Old

I'm a little late posting, but sure enough, Lucy is 7 months old (and will be 8 in a blink of an eye since mom is so tardy).

She's approximately 15 and a half pounds or so. And about 25 inches long I think. Totally unofficial stats since we don't have a checkup this month. Of course, that's not for lack of doctor's visits. We've been there A LOT. Lucy had another round of ear infections, this time not resolving until she had 2 shots of antibiotics. Poor thing was completely miserable and so were we all. So, we've been to the ENT doctor and Lucy's scheduled for tubes on May 13th. I'm praying that she doesn't get another infection before then (still has some fluid in there this week the dr. said), because I'm not likely to live through it.

She just started to wave today (at Daddy), and is still busy rolling around and scooting her little butt here and there trying to crawl. I've seen her very nearly on her hands and knees, so you know it's coming. Know what else is coming? TEETH. Or at least we think so. Lots of waking up with her fist in her mouth and all that jazz. So yay, more reasons to be up at night. WooHoo.

In fact, all this exhaustion probably contributed to the week plus that Rick and I just spent miserably sick. And I mean SICK. 6 days with fever is crazy for grownups. Apparently it was allergies turned into upper respiratory infections, but we had red, goupy eyes, coughs, aches, chills. It was LOUSY. But we made it through and are feeling better, finally.

Ethan's favorite phrase is "No, No, No. Not for babies." Which he says he learned from me even though I can't think of when I've ever said it. He's still a great big brother and guaranteed to brighten Lucy's mood no matter what. I've started making Lucy's baby food at home and am really having fun with it. I had to take a bunch more milk to the Mothers' Milk Bank of North Texas to make room in the freezer, so I'm hoping to put a bunch more in there this weekend. So far we've done avocado and banana (a big hit), butternut squash, carrots, and blueberry quinoa (a strike out--couldn't get it smooth enough for her). She had some organic baby food last week and I'm going to recreate their recipes, because she completely loved it. So, coming soon: sweet potato and white bean with cinnamon, and roasted pears. I tasted those and would've eaten them myself. They were outstanding.

I'll be back soon with 8 month pictures in just a couple of weeks!