Tuesday, August 21, 2007

More Birthday Photos

Here are just a few more birthday photos, including one of SuperFrog!

Football Practice

With The Frogs' season fast approaching, we are all gearing up for football. Last week the team had two-a-day practices, so Rick took Ethan to watch a couple of mornings before work and daycare. Clearly, Ethan is now a real fan.

On Saturday morning all he could say was "Football Practice?" and look around at everyone like, "hey, we should go!" So, Rick took him again to watch the scrimmage and they had a really good time.

Now, everytime Rick is taking Ethan somewhere he thinks they are going to practice. He reportedly said "Football practice" about 50 times on the way to daycare on Monday morning.

Practices are closed to the public now, so he'll just have to wait two more weeks (11 Days!) like the rest of us to see a real game.

Monday, August 13, 2007

I'm 2!

This weekend we celebrated Ethan's 2nd birthday. We had a party on Saturday for a lot of friends and family. MeMe and Pop were here from Houston and Grammie and Sir made a surprise visit from Colorado to be there for the festivities.

The party was a "Crayon" theme, since Ethan is so fond of coloring. We had a crayon cake and candles, and I covered all the tables with butcher paper, and we put out crayons so the kids could all color.

Everyone had a great time and the kids all played outside even though the temperature was 100+, they didn't care at all. SuperFrog made an appearance again this year (I don't have a picture of him on my camera, so someone else needs to send me one), and was a lot of fun, even though most of the kids were afraid of him. Ethan thought it was okay until he got too close and then he just kept saying, "bye Frog, bye Frog" until he went away.

SuperFrog brought Ethan his first bike, which he didn't want to try until the mascot was gone. But once on it he had a really good time. It is still a little big, but with a little practice he'll be zooming around in no time.

The little man is still tuckered out from all the festivities (including visiting with the grandparents and swimming on Sunday), so we know he had a really good time. Here are some pictures of all the hoopla.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Our Little Tape Recorder

Ethan is like having a tape recorder constantly on, replaying your every word. From Joe saying "Ah Ha!" on Blues Clues, to our saying "Hey Babe" to one another--he picks up everything. Some he incorporates into his vocabulary to be used more regularly. Like the "hey babe" and now "how 'bout," which he says when trying to choose a video to watch or a toy.

He obviously learns a lot by all this repeating. It's how he learned his shapes, numbers, and now he's working on colors. He also learned animal names by repeating them back to the Baby Einstein videos. The only downfall there is that now he thinks any animal with antlers is a Caribou (which sounds like "Tare Boo" when Ethan says it).

Words aren't the only thing he repeats, he also loves to watch the videos with sign language in them and eagerly replays the movements as best he can. His version of the sign for "salon" is a riot that can not be expressed in words--you'll just have to see it for yourself sometime.

As for us, we definitely have the "kid filter" on all our language and discussions now, since there's no telling what he'll repeat to the receptionist at daycare the next morning. :-)

Monday, August 6, 2007

July Photos

I'm trying to find the best way to post some pictures in this blog. Here are some from July.

A Cuddly Weekend

Unfortunately, Ethan managed to pick up some sort of stomach virus, which took over his whole weekend. Fortunately (for me, at least) that meant he was in need of extra cuddling and hugging. While I didn't like that he had to be sick, I kind of appreciated having to put everything on hold and just love on him as much as I could this weekend.

We had a lot we wanted to accomplish this weekend, getting ready for Ethan's birthday and all, and we didn't get much any of it done at all, but it was worth it. Holed up on our bed, watching videos and sipping tablespoons of Gatorade in between naps--wasn't too bad (once we got past the puking part anyway).

Ethan is much better today and was thrilled to see his teachers and friends at day care this morning. Dad, on the other hand, is now experiencing the stomach virus first hand. I'm crossing my fingers that I'll miss it this go-around.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Getting Started

Since Rick and I are limited in our online skills and Ethan's website has been idle for about a year now, I thought I would start this blog as an easier way to post pictures and blog about our life with Ethan. (Or "E Train" as he is known at home--hence the blog name.)

We'll see how this goes--I'm kind of liking it already!