Saturday, November 13, 2010

Poor, Neglected Little Blog

Yeah, it's been nearly 2 months since I posted anything. But you saw what that last post was, right? Lucy walking? Pretty much explains why I haven't had time to post anything. :-) And I still don't have a bunch of time for a great post full of pictures and stuff. So, we'll have to settle for a quick top 10 list.

Top 10 Things Going on in Our House Right Now:

1. Lucy and Ethan bonding. Lucy is so enamored of her big brother. She loves to go in with me in the mornings to wake him up. She sits on his bed and pats him, sometimes laying her head on him and giggling. Sometimes I catch Ethan holding her hand across their car seats on the way to/from school.

2. Being a big kid. Lucy has been in the toddler room at school for a while now. She's getting better at taking one, long nap in the middle of the day and loves all the outside playtime and especially eating. That girl loves to eat.

3. Sight words. Ethan's kindergarten class has learned lots of sight words. Ethan likes to practice them at home and point them out when he sees them other places. Places he's called out "SIGHT WORD!!" include: church, TCU football games, numerous restaurants, and the grocery store.

4. Sleeping. Or not. Lucy still is not a good nighttime sleeper. Everyone just got done with a round of ear infections, so maybe we can work on that some more here soon. For the time being, she's up 3 or more times a night (and the time change just makes it ever so much better--NOT) and, like her brother at that age, much prefers Mommy in the middle of the night.

5. Signing and Such. Lucy has started to sign "more" in the last couple of weeks. She's also started blowing kisses (blew one this morning to Daddy, completely un-prompted), saying "uh oh" when things drop, and reaching for her crib when she's ready to be by herself at night. Not many actual words still, though I've heard things that might have been "more," "up," "ball," "door," and "hey daddy." (seriously, that last one, Rick and I both stopped and said, "it really sounded like she just said, "hey Daddy.")

6. Such opposites. Part of the amazing thing about having more than one kid, is seeing how different they can be. Lucy eats like crazy; Ethan is super picky. Ethan has always been cautious and careful; Lucy is a wild child, diving headfirst into whatever looks like fun. Ethan has always been cuddly; Lucy likes a few cuddles, but not for long, she's anxious to get moving again. Lucy puts dirt and other fun things in her mouth; Ethan would never even touch the sand for the longest time. I'm just loving watching them each develop their own personality.

7. Football, Football, Football. It's not ALL about the kids, right? We've been spending a lot of time at TCU football games together (Lucy loves it, Ethan is still not big on the noise), and if Mommy and Daddy have a few awake minutes to talk, it is probably about TCU football, the BCS, or some other subject related to those two. (I've started reading "Death to the BCS" and am really enjoying it. I looked at Ethan's journal in his kindergarten class and I'd say that 80% of what he draws each day is about a football game or something related to it (lots of "Frog Horns" in there).

8. Ethan and Miss Courtney. I think Ethan might have a little crush on his teacher. At the very least he really likes her as his teacher. He often wants to draw her a picture, or take her something that we've done at home to show her. This from a kid who rarely voluntarily picked up a crayon or marker 6 months ago. The refridgerator in his classroom was covered in pictures he had brought her.

9. I like to "Move It Move It." I think we knew pretty early on that Lucy was going to be a "large motor" kind of girl, but now we have no doubt. Lucy loves to move and play. She chases Ethan around the house, bangs on the glass door to go outside and play, thinks she can slide down our little twisty slide all by herself (she can't, not sitting anyway, on her tummy she's all good), turns herself around on our bed to go over the side "feet first" (we remind her a lot) despite the fact that it is a really long way down and she probably shouldn't do that on her own. Rick and I could barely keep up with her at the park, even with one of us manning each side of the little climber/slide. She and I took a class at The Little Gym one Saturday that included a little tumbling, lots of exploring on mats and tunnels, etc., balls, a parachute, and bubbles, and that is going to be her Christmas present: a whole semester of "Birds" classes. I'm really excited because I know she'll love it.

10. Love, Love, Love. There's a lot of love in this house. Lucy shows her love to all of us with hugs and sometimes big, open mouthed kisses (or blown ones). My heart melts to hear Ethan say, "I love you Lu Lu." each night, and Rick and I certainly love the both of them more and more every day!

I know, I said before no pictures. But I've gotten inspired, so here's a few recent ones. :-)

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